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Re: More proposals for European censorship

[email protected] wrote:
> Did you know this company is using your email address as part of
> an unlawful email bomb?

I signed up for this Internet service through GTE.  I haven't got the 
foggiest idea what a "email bomb" is, nor do I care.  I can't possibly 
be doing anything illegal by logging on to this service and receiving 
and posting email to cypherpunks, and if someone else is, why are you 
telling me?

> I would advise you to write to them at [email protected]
> and [email protected] and advise them to stop
> using your email address for this type of activity.

I don't know what you're talking about.  Maybe if you dropped the 
"Computerese" and wrote in plain English, I could understand what you're 
saying.  Are you saying (by analogy) that if someone posted my picture 
on a milk carton claiming I was lost, that I'd have to write someone a 
letter of explanation to say I wasn't lost?  And how do I *really* know 
I'm not lost, anyway?  I'd prefer that you just leave me alone.

> It is illegal to use a invalid return email address.  If this
> continues, I will
> be forced to prosecute the return email address - which they are
> making to look like you.

Well, this is all quite fascinating, but it's not what I signed up for. 
Are you suggesting that I would be obliged to witness against someone? 
I've been in court before, and I know how lawyers like to insist on Yes 
or No answers, but it rarely works for me. I just get so confused....

> Below is the letter that I received in my email box
> In a message dated 96-09-25 13:58:31 EDT, you write:
> >Subj:  Re: More proposals for European censorship
> >Date:  96-09-25 13:58:31 EDT
> >From:  [email protected] (Dale Thorn)
> >Sender:        [email protected]
> >To:    [email protected] (Asgaard)
> >CC:    [email protected]

[text deleted]