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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]

jim bell wrote:
> At 07:24 AM 9/24/96 -0700, Dale Thorn wrote:
> >Lessee if I have this right, now.  We have basically three scenarios:
> >1. Allow the status quo to continue (the justice system scam now run 
> >by Janet Reno/Louis Freeh types et al.
> >2. Allow the people some democracy in applying justice through AP.
> >3. Sometime in the future, build the Gort(?) robots, as in The Day
> >The Earth Stood Still, and let them do the job.

> That's about it.  I long ago noticed the similarity between AP and the
> fictional Gort.
> Problem is, Gort would have to be programmed. How would you write such 
> a program?  Governments would want their hand in it.  They'd insist on
> "government exceptions" to rules, like:   "All violence is forbiddden!
> (except for violence by duly authorized government employees!)"
> Not very practical.

Indeed it may not be practical to try such a program on current 
computers.  I've had thoughts for some time about an analogy where each 
person in a civilization represents a cell in a single brain, and so on, 
so perhaps AP is merely a portion of the program for this "brain".  As 
to what happens when you try to concentrate a disproportionate amount of 
the programming task into a few hands, that appears to be the situation 
we have now.