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We removed radikal 154 from xs4all :(

Hi all,

We have temporary removed radikal 154 from xs4all.  

We did this because the german ICTF and BAW continued to stop IP-traffic  
to and from xs4all. They not only blocked the web-server (with more than  
3100 homepages from users and compagnies) but 2 Class C-networks. The
pressure was to high for both xs4all and it costumers (more than 12500    
users). They were not able to mail, ftp, www in large parts of germany.
The 47 mirrors of the radikal site made it possible for us to remove issue
154 from xs4all.

All 47 mirrors are still accessable by german netizens. There is no
filtering of traffic to these servers.

The ICTF and BAW now have to deceide if they will block all ip-traffic to 
and from all 47 servers, or they have to stop their censoring actions. In
both cases we will put the issue radikal 154 back online.

We are still calling for more mirrors. The more mirrors, the more pressure
on the ICTF and BAW to stop their censorship. You can get a copy of the
who archive from ftp://utopia.hacktic.nl/pub/replay/pub/incoming or from  
one of the mirror-sites.

henk (SPG)