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Re: Taking crypto out of the U.S.

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Hamish wrote:

>         Soon I am going to be going overseas to Japan, and I want to take
> my notebook with me so I can keep up with everything, however, I have
> encrypted my hard drive and usually encrypt my mail.  Is this in violation
> of the ITAR to keep everything the same when I go over?

I'm not rendering a legal opinion here, but I will try to make your
position clear.

1>  It depends
2>  It depends
3>  It depends.

First, what encryption type is it?  Some encryption is freely exportable.

Second, is it just encrypted data you're exporting, or also the means to
encrypt/decrypt it.  (It's not clear from your post)

Third, do you plan on telling anyone what's on your drive?

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