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Re: crypto anarchy vs AP

exactly my point.

clint barnett
emily carr institute

On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, Duncan Frissell wrote:

> At 11:26 AM 9/23/96 -0700, Clint Barnett wrote:
> >ever read "1984"? the appearance of a free lifestyle is most definitely 
> >not a free lifestyle. I am hardly a friend of the state, and far from 
> >being an advocate of the church, but multinational corporations running 
> >the world for their own fun and profit makes my sphincter clench. 
> The lifestyle in "1984" didn't appear free.  Someone who thinks that an
> institution like the government that gains all its revenue by force and is
> armed with nukes is less dangerous than institutions that are shrinking in
> size and gain most of their revenue by voluntary exchange is nuts.