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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]

> At 05:48 PM 9/23/96 -0400, [email protected] wrote:

> >When the IRA attemoted to assasinate my cousin I was in no
> >way intimidated and neither was he. He continued as a senior
> >poitician for over a decade despite continued danger. I can think
> >of no less effective method of bringing about change in attitudes.

I don't think you truly understood the *mechanism* of AP.  Your
cousin was threatened from an outside attack.  Protection is
relatively easy in that case.  AP generates a threath * within *
every * part * of every structure (family, work, friends, etc).  

As an analogy, when specialized demolishing team blows a building
down, they don't use one big charge, they use hundreds of them to
severe every load bearing member of the structure.  AP would work the
same, turning every person a potential motiveless assassin. I say
"motiveless" because AP makes the motive not traceable to peoples or

Some AP assassins will get caught, but it is predictable that it will
only be a minority and that with time, the percentage of caught
assassins will get smaller as more professionnal assassin gets
seriously into the business. 

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