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Re: AP [was: Re: Kiddie porn on the Internet] [NOISE]

On 23 Sep 96 at 22:10, [email protected] wrote:

> People like Jim want to impose their will on others by
> force.

Mr. Bell pushing the AP scheme does not mean that he wants to impose his 
ideas by force since he will have *no* mean of controlling what ideas 
will be favored.  It is strictly market forces that will dictates 
what will happens.  As many, including Mr. Bell have pointed out, he 
might very well be one of the first victim of the AP system.

Mr Bell is pushing AP because he believe that the bulk of human race 
wants to live peacefully and he therefore concludes that AP, being 
led by the demand of ordinary people, will lead to a more peacefull 
world.  When you'll get to learn how AP operates, your conclusions of 
an AP regulated world will, IMO, be dependent on the specifics of 
your definition of human race.

> Despite prolonged attempts by each faction to assasinate the
> leaders of the other they have been unsuccessful.

As I mentionned in my other post to you, this is not a reference 
since the operating mode of AP is entirely different.

> If terrorists trained by Lybia and Syria are unable to assasinate
> at will then we can be sure thaqt Jim's band of kooks is not going
> to get any further.

Again, absolutely irrelevant to AP.  Go read the book again.
> It is suprising that someone from the press has not seized upon
> Jims ideas as cause for another cyber-scare.  I suspect this is
> because people like Markof are somewhat more responsible.

No, it is not surprizing at all, but you did not seem to have 
understood why:  

1) The dissatisfaction of the population is such that 
many would actively seek where to send their buck to have somebody 

2) The way AP works, journalists would be priviledged victims, 
paid for by the same disgruntled population

3) More than everything else, they (the journalists) probably
understood *exactly* how AP works and thus fully realised point 2)

> This is not going to stop me from producing an op-ed piece linkiing
> the net libertarians to assasination politics unless I hear a few
> more repudiations of Bell's ideas.

That would be the best way of promoting AP.  Every peoples who favor 
it would say: "Go ahead, it'll be our pleasure!"  

AP will not die for several reason.  The first one is that it only 
requires knowledge and a little coding.  The second is that there is 
a demand.  Prostitution could never be eliminated.  Yet, it does not 
menace the system itself.  AP will be tougher than prostitution and 
it will probably actively seek the system's destruction (as we know 

I suggest you try to understand the mechanics of AP.


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