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A fax appeared of the International Cryptography Institute, 1996, October
25-26, in DC. 
Here are excerpts: 
   What are the different national policies and regulations 
   governing cryptography and how might these evolve? 
   What cryptography technologies are on the market in  
   different countries, what is being used, and for what  
   What problems is cryptography causing law enforcement? 
   What are the requirements of business and other 
   What are the new trends in cryptography and what will be 
   their impact on society? 
   What efforts are leading toward an international 
   cryptography framework? 
   Sample sessions: 
   The International Cryptography Experiment 
   Export controls on Encryption Software 
   Cryptography: Recent Developments in the EU 
   Towards an Australian Policy on Encryption 
   New Russian Encryption Policies and Regulations 
   International Regulation of Cryptography: Update 
   U.S. Government Cryptography Policy 
   Law Enforcement Requirements for Encryption 
   Transnational Key Escrow 
   Commercial and International Key Escrow 
   Digital Cash 
   Some of 38 "Invited Faculty" 
   Dr. Dorothy Denning, Georgetown University 
   Mr. John Droge, Mykotronix 
   Mr. Louis. J. Freeh, Director, FBI 
   Mr. Michael Gilmore, FBI 
   Mr. David Kahn, Author, NSA 
   Dr. Kwok-Yeo Lam, National University of Singapore 
   Dr. Anatoly N. Lebedev, LAN Crypto, Ltd. 
   Mr. Ronald Lee, General Counsel, NSA 
   Mr. Yves LeRoux, Digital Equipment 
   Mr. Nick Mansfield, Shell International Petroleum 
   Mr. Michael Nelson, White House Office STP 
   Dr. Jean-Jacques Quisquatier, University of Louvain 
   Mr. John Young, National Computer Board [Nope]