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RE: List participation (noise)

I don't know why you guys rank on Tim May so much.  Sure, he goes off topic

Get the point?  Today, I had to delete more than 15 messages related to 
telling everyone how much of an asshole Tim is because he speaks off topic.
Hello?  Aren't these blatent (and I feel totally unwarranted) flames off 
topic?  I think everyone should take a step back and look what's happening
here.  Everyone is so eager to point fingers, and they don't look at the
fact that when you first get to your mail in the morning, there are over
100, even over 150 messages waiting for you!  Of course, after deleting all
of the noise (Thank God that damned TWA thread finally died!), you have
maybe 50 messages you have to skim through, of which maybe 10 or 20 survive
and go to the archive list of useful information.

Maybe I should just stay out of it, but I feel these constant flamings of
Tim are horribly wrong, and I've been ignoring the fact that I have to 
delete 20 messages about him every day for the past week.  I actually find
a lot of his postings interesting.  Yes, half of his postings get the 
insta-delete-never-even-considered-for-reading treatment, but I just 
read an insightful message about "provably hard cryptosystems."  
Cryptosystems-  Hm.  Imagine that.  Cryptosystems mentioned on a list
call "Cypherpunks."  ... And I thought it was the "Fuck the CIA, let's
spread rumors about the US military shooting down commercial airliners
out of New York, spam the spammers, kiddie-porn-on-the-net" discussion

And now the disclaimer...
Even with all of the noise, there is a lot of good information on this
list, but my delete key is wearing out!  :-)

And please, if you don't have anything important to say, don't say anything.
Posting noise does nothing but generate more noise (Hm... I wonder how
much I've just generated! :-)

From: Eric Hughes on Tue, Sep 24, 1996 6:38
Subject: List participation
To: [email protected]

I have been informed that Dr.Dimitri Vulis KOTM <[email protected]> wrote:
> [...] Tim's off-topic spews have driven Eric Hughes, John Gilmore,
> Rich Salz, and many other former valuable contributors off the
> mailing list [...]

As for me, I stopped having time to read cypherpunks a year and a half ago.
Tim had nothing to do with it.  The cypherpunks list has changed and I have
changed; so be it.


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