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Re: Previous disk erasing thread

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Date: Thu, 05 SEP 1996 10:23:32 -0700 
To: Steve Harris <[email protected]>
Newgroups: alt.security
Subject: Re: Security Disk Washer 

Steve Harris wrote:
> When  you delete files, you  don't really remove the data. DOS  simply
> marks  the  area as available for overwriting by new  data.  Sometimes
> this is useful - the "Undelete" program exploits this to allow you  to
> recover  accidentally  deleted files. On other occasions,  this  is  a
> security  risk  - you want to prevent people  recovering  confidential
> data.
> This program stops people recovering the data. It wipes all the unused
> disk area with random data. This technique provides "after the fact"
> protection. Imagine putting all your old confidential documents in a
> trash can. "Washer" shreds all the documents in the trash.
> Download your free copy from
> http://www.compulink.co.uk/~net-services/wash/
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