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Re: Bork book

At 11:28 AM 9/24/96 -0400, "Marc J. Wohler" <[email protected]> wrote:
>Heard him on Limbaugh pushing hard for censorship as a cure for society's
>problems.  Looks like Ted Kennedy & Co. were right to keep him off the court.

Bork's comment a few years ago about the Ninth Amendment being an 
ink-blot on the Constitution was one of those Rorschach things you
can interpret either way, but given that he clearly doesn't believe
in the First Amendment, I'd guess he wouldn't have helped the 9th 
or the other rights-protecting amendments either.

I didn't catch Bork directly, but I heard Limbaugh talking about it the
day before and about half an hour after, so I caught some flavor of it.

It was interesting hearing Limbaugh's mixed feelings about it;
he seems to clearly _approve_ of censoring people that offend him,
like 2 Live Crew, but also realizes that people would want to censor _him_.
I'm guessing that the schtick he did on Pee-Wee Herman (with background
music by Michael Jackson) a few minutes before saying he'd be interviewing
Bork on Friday was coincidence, rather than something he'd done to set
the tone of a discussion of censorship, but maybe not.

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