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At 06:15 AM 9/24/96 -0700, Sandy Sandfort wrote:

>Time for another informal poll.
>On Mon, 23 Sep 1996, John Anonymous MacDonald wrote:
>> What a joy to make a public mockery of Tim Mayo!
>Do list members think Anonymous' posts make a public mockery of
>Tim May or Anonymous?  Let me know whose reputation you think 
>is enhanced or tarnished by these posts.  I'll post a summary to 
>the list in a week or two.  

First, to answer your question, I think the posts tarnish the
reputation of Anonymous, although there never was much
reputation to begin with.  I am of the opinion that a positive 
reputation is earned, not given, and arguing over the matter
at hand certainly doesn't help build a positive reputation.

Since these annoying posts started a week or so ago, I have
(for the first time ever) begun killfiling people and messages
on the cp list.  Right now I am killing all messages from 
John Anonymous MacDonald, Dmitri Vulis, and any message
in the "daily ... regarding TCM" thread(s).  I hope this madness
can end, so we can get back to more normal traffic levels on the

If anything good can come of this, it's that more people (myself
included) will begin to use filtering tools to improve the perceived 
S/N ratio of the list.  I am working on making a Eudora Pro
plugin that creates and maintains a reputation system, which can 
then be tailored to modify incoming mail as desired, removing
irrelevant paragraphs, summarizing, all kinds of things.  Initially
it will just keep an index score for each user representing the
quality of the content which they author, but I have lots of things
I hope to add to it.

Good luck with the survey,


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