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Re: reputation, e.g. www.ffly.com (was: Not reputation again! (Was: The Nature ofthe Cypherpunks List) )

As Bryce addressed this to me as the primary recipient, I have to assume
he's ascribing these ideas to me.

At 12:19 PM 9/25/96, [email protected] wrote:
>It's silly to conflate ratings of people with ratings of
>people's opinions with ratings of people's ratings of etc.
>Some of the people I work with have awful opinions on politics,
>other people, music, movies, books, and food, but great opinions
>on computer hardware, algorithms and programming languages.

I never said there is going to be a simple scalar rating. In my last major
post on this, several weeks ago, I even elaborated, saying that even
Alice's rating of Bob, for example, would have multiple components, such as
her rating of his taste in movies, his taste in restaurants, his political
beliefs, his technical expertise, etc.

This area is complicated enough to talk about with
oversimplifying-and-then-critiqueing. These are usually called "straw man"


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