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Re: We removed radikal 154 from xs4all :(

On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, James A. Donald wrote:

> Let us just run through the sequence of events.
> A bunch of leftover commies publish some boring commie crap in Germany,
> which probably most people would have ignored.

But are these people really 'leftover commies'? Trying to
read #154 is rather confusing (but my German is not that
great, which could explain this). The 'Autonomen' don't
seem to be 'leftover' in the real sense, you get the impression
they are young people. Obviously they are opposed to the 'Punks'
whatever that means. I wish someone from Germany could deliver
a short resume of their political views - the interesting
question being why the German authorities obviously fear them.
(One German on the list has opinioned that they are 'childish'
but that doesn't say much.)