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Re: Anonymous Mail at US Post

At 12:45 AM 9/25/96, Greg Kucharo wrote:
>I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I was mailing letters
>in the "out front" boxes the other day when I noticed a sign.  The sign
>said that all packages 16 ounces or over had to be taken inside for
>disposal into the mail slot. The obvious explanation being that even
>though you can abstain from marking a return address, the postal
>inspectors would like a nice photo of you with your mail.

Yes, this was the chief topic of discussion here a few weeks ago. :-}

One of the serious downsides of someone filtering out messages is that all
1400 of us then see the same topics presented again.

(This is more serious when people are forwarding long articles or press
releases, with sometimes half a dozen copies being received on the list.)

--Tim May

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