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Subject Line:    Infowar.Com  

>                           ---- D I S T R I B U T E  W I D E L Y ----
>WWW.InfoWar.Com is now open.
>The Definitive WWW site for Information Warfare & Information Security.
Created and managed by Winn Schwartau, Infowar.Com is designed to be "The"
place to be seen and be heard. Be seen. Be linked. 

Our goal:  To be a clearinghouse for all IW and InfoSec.  
>News. Infowar. Articles. Discussions. The Latest. Experts. Reviews. Opinion. 
>Civil Defense. Info-Security. Controversy. Privacy. Crypto. Chats.
>Espionage. Military. C4I. Civil Defense. Global.
>Be seen. Be heard. Globally. Dynamic. New. Interactive.
>Yes, we're starting off small - manageable, but within a few short months look 
>at what we will have - on-line, bringing in tens of thousands of infosecurity 
>and information professionals. With your help, we'll be everything you want us 
>to be.
>* Timely Articles and Commentaries
>* Military/Government infowar treatises hot off the press
>* News that concerns you - As it Happens!
>* Infowar.Com List Server and Private Discussion Groups (to begin with) 
>     Infowar
>     Civil Defense
>     Terrorism
>     OSCINT
>     Hacking
>* Over 600MB of on-line utilities for the Net
>* On-Line Searches for Infowar and Infosec
>* The Infowar and Infosec Papers That Set Standards
>* Press Releases
>* What's New!?!
>* Audio Conferences
>* Video Conference
>* Specifications and Standards
>* Product and Company Listings - Worldwide
>* Contracts and Bids
>* Specifications
>* New papers and reports in all areas of Infowar
>* Extensive International participation
>* Compilations of the Best of Infowar and Infosec 
>* Hundreds of Security Utilities
>* Over 50 different encryption tools
>* User customized search engines for the entire site
>* Interactive Infowar-Chat lines
>* Who's Who of Infowar and Info-Sec
>* Gigs and gigs  . . . .
>* And more . . . stuff we won't even tell our mothers about . . . yet . . 
>We've always been interactive minded and we will count upon our users and 
>sponsors to guide us to provide better and better service. But, we will not 
>react to editorial extortion, either.  <G>  We have made our reputation on 
>brutal honesty and opinion and we will keep it. Might lose an advertiser from 
>time to time, but those is the breaks.
>We hope to see you there, contributing, interacting, discussing, commenting, 
>posting and contributing.  

Contributions:  [email protected]   or   [email protected]
All submissions are gratefully accepted however, will be reviewed  for
relevance and content prior to being published.

IF - you hear something hot...see something hot.....   be a good Warrior and
call Betty at 813-367-7277  and leave a message that you have e-mailed the
info.  That way we can be sure to look for it and get it out on distribution.

You want to add some Warriors to our ListServ:  
   [email protected]   or   [email protected]
>If you happen to be interested in Infowar.Com Sponsorship opportunities,
please give us a ring:    Our rates are very competetive.... and get on the
bandwagon so we can *lock-in the rate.
>[email protected]
>or call
>Thank You
>Winn Schwartau 
>and the terrific folks at

>		        Winn Schwartau - Interpact, Inc.
>		        Information Warfare and InfoSec
>		       V: 813.393.6600 / F: 813.393.6361
>			 Http://www.infowar.com
>			    [email protected]