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Stop Spammers Today!

Dear cypherpunks;

In the last few days I have received numerous email coming from you but with
fake return addresses from messages posted on newsgroups.  I must have been
targeted because I am a bulk emailer.  Letting you know now that I am a
legitimate bulk emailer compiling my list with the permission of each account

If this barrage of email does not cease immediately, I will be forced to take
legal and maybe not so legal actions to defend myself.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call me at 407-438-8892.


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>Timothy C. May wrote:
>> At 2:10 AM 9/24/96, [email protected] wrote:
>> >like Markof are somewhat more responsible. This is not going to stop me
>> >from producing an op-ed piece linkiing the net libertarians to
>> >politics unless I hear a few more repudiations of Bell's ideas. If you
>> >don't very clearly reject his murderous ideas you are going to regret it
>> >just as the left regreted having the USSR or the RAF associated with
>> I for one don't respond well to extortion threats, so write your damned
>You know, the real problem with the average blackmailer is that they
>rarely give you the offer as a legal document - if we fulfil our side of
>the bargain, how can we be sure he fulfils his, and doesn't change his
>mind next time someone half agrees with a pro
>post?  We obviously need some sort of legal contract to solve this
>problem, but no, that's not possible in most countries, is it?.  How
>convenient.  Till next time Phill ...
>"Of course the US Constitution isn't perfect; but it's a lot better
>than what we have now."  -- Unknown.
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