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Re: Stop Spammers Today!

The former human known as "[email protected]" wrote:

{Dear cypherpunks;

Hey, it knows who we are!

{In the last few days I have received numerous email coming from you but with
{fake return addresses from messages posted on newsgroups.  I must have been
{targeted because I am a bulk emailer.  Letting you know now that I am a
{legitimate bulk emailer compiling my list with the permission of each account

Er, does it mean that someone subscribed it to the list?

{If this barrage of email does not cease immediately, I will be forced to take
{legal and maybe not so legal actions to defend myself.

This from a 'bulk emailer'?  'scure me while I snort.  :snort:
Against whom, exactly, would you take legal action against?

Hey, PhneCards, perhaps someone that was on your email list that wasn't 
exactly pleased with your assumptions of 'permission' subscribed you?
Don't get any ideas about it having been me, or even someone actually
on the list, as we see enough of this garbage as it is, and would have
most probably subscribed you to a coredump or clueless list.

{If you would like to discuss this further, please call me at 407-438-8892.

How about 'unsubscribe cypherpunks' in the message body of an email 
to [email protected], instead?

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