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Re: Public Schools

At 11:40 PM 9/25/96, Jay Gairson wrote:

>> A minor point: An 800 SAT or Achievement score does _not_ mean "no problems
>> missed." There is some threshold for the percentage of right answers, which
>> varies from year to year and from test to test, above which the score is
>> marked "800." Don't ask me why they do this. (*)
>They did it because, the American students, where scoring worse than the
>Japanese students.  And the with the 1600 they got a copy of the
>questiosn and answers, and the questions they missed, they didn't miss any.

Nonsense. Japanese students were not taking the CEEB and SAT tests in the
1950s, when the test methodologies were established. (As a point of fact,
the Japanese have their own grueling exams, which bear no resemblance to
the CEEB and SAT tests.) Nor were the number of Japanese-American students
taking the test sufficiently plentiful in the 1950s and 60s to affect the

So, this is your chance to present your evidence that the scoring
methodology was changed in response to Japanese students doing better than
American students.

>buh bye

On second thought....

--Tim May

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