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Re: Public Schools

> Nothing, but Dmitri has "different" standards of what is list-relevant than
> many of us do.

Ok, just wondering on that *shrug*.

> >So, basically your saying, since my parents cannot afford to pay for a
> >private school for me, we are genetically inferior to those who can?
> >Because hate tell ya, but I've ran into some major idiots that go to
> >private schools.  Also to consider that from the school I go to, last
> >year we had two perfect sat scores (no problems missed).
> A minor point: An 800 SAT or Achievement score does _not_ mean "no problems
> missed." There is some threshold for the percentage of right answers, which
> varies from year to year and from test to test, above which the score is
> marked "800." Don't ask me why they do this. (*)

They did it because, the American students, where scoring worse than the 
Japanese students.  And the with the 1600 they got a copy of the 
questiosn and answers, and the questions they missed, they didn't miss any.

> This should give you more hope and more determination to get a few 800s
> when you take the exams.

Should, doesn't much, but should.

> range (x10, of course). Of course, as Roger Gregory puts it, "Mensa is the
> scum of the cream of the crop.")

And he is partially right on that >)

almost wholly..  But I know some non scum that are so *shrug*

buh bye