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Re: Where to write crypto?

>On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Steve Schear wrote:
>> I believe Taiwan might be an excellent location to have 'clear room' crypto
>> work done.  Taiwan has a very large skilled software labor pool and isn't a
>> member of COCOM.
>Why go so far, when you can export crypto from Anguila or Canada. The
>first is right next to Florida and is a tax haven, the second has a large
>talent pool and the same qulity telecom as the States. The main problem is
>concealing the fact that there may be any Americans involved. Both save
>you the trouble of learning Chinese.

I didn't mean that an U.S. citizen should relocate and develop in Taiwan.
Why do that when almost all Taiwanese CS speak, read and write fluent
english.  Just develop the specs and contract for programming.  There are
many companies waiting to take you business .

BTW, there a several U.S. companies (e.g., Typhoon Software,
[email protected]) which can manage the development of a wide variety of
software projects (including crypto code) by highly qualified personel in
the former Soviet Republics.  For comfort, the software can be tested in
the U.S. (just to make sure no trapdoors have been insered by the Russian
Mafia ;-)

-- Steve