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Re: Where to write crypto?

At 2:05 PM 9/25/96, [email protected] wrote:

>Why go so far, when you can export crypto from Anguila or Canada. The
>first is right next to Florida and is a tax haven, the second has a large
>talent pool and the same qulity telecom as the States. The main problem is
>concealing the fact that there may be any Americans involved. Both save
>you the trouble of learning Chinese.

Are you _sure_ about what you say about Canada? After all, in nearly all
defense- and crypto-related matters, they are essentially the 51st State.
In fact, Canada is one of the places crypto may be exported _to_ from the
U.S. without any license. So, export strong crypto into Canada and then
invoke the "you can export crypto from...Canada" clause?

I don't think so.

As to Anguilla, I fear it's too small an island and too tightly controlled
by the Ruling Families, who will take action if the boat gets rocked
enough. The recent experiences with Vince essentially repudiating certain
policies he had publically announced have left his experiment with not a
lot of "backbone" (no pun intended). As Vince said, paraphrasing his
comments, the government of Anguilla will take steps to stop things which
cast the island in a bad light. Not much of a haven, eh?

--Tim May

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