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Mitsubishi MISTY LSI

   Nikkei English News, 24 September 1996. 
   Mitsubishi unveils Japan's fastest encryption chip  
   Mitsubishi Electric Corp. said it has developed an LSI 
   that can encrypt data at a speed of 450 megabits per 
   second, which is four times faster than any other 
   encryption chip developed in Japan and brings domestic 
   technology in line with DES, the U.S.-developed 
   encryption system that has become the standard in the 
   U.S. and Europe. 
   Because the chip performs the same as DES, Mitsubishi 
   will promote it as a domestic product for encryption 
   needs in Japan, with an eye on the growing market for 
   corporate intranets and high-speed data communications. 
   It said it will prepare for volume production during this 
   The company fabricated the chip as a gate array using a 
   0.5 micron CMOS process and its own proprietary 
   encryption algorithm MISTY. Operating at a maximum 
   input/output speed of 40 megahertz, the chip can handle 
   32 bits per clock cycle.