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Possible snake oil?

I ran across this at the web site of a New Orleans area web authoring
company. I checked with a friend of mine of long standing on this list,
and he assured me that the information was probably false.

(Here it is...)

<begin included excerpt from web page)

[deleted] has one of the fastest and most powerful web networks in the
with servers effortlessly handling in excess of two million hits a day,
resources spanning four seperate backbone providers on two continents
from North America to Europe. Entire networks at [deleted] are exclusively
dedicated to web hosting, electronic commerce and other applications;
separate servers are available with a plethora of advanced services

     SSL & SHTTP Encrypted Web Systems (using the maximum
     1024-bit encryption keys) 
     BSDI Unix 2.1 (our main net OS, proven to be superior to all),
     Windows NT, Windows 95, Macintosh, DOS, Linux and other
     platforms available. 
     RealAudio, VDOLive, CuSeeMe servers 
     RAID5 mirror networks in Europe 
     Access to [deleted] Advanced Systems Products (IASP) servers and
     scripts exclusively available to [deleted] clients, which include
     cart/automated ordering, web database systems, surveys &
     demographics, web page creation systems, ad & quote systems, and
     much more. 

<end excerpt from corporate web page>

Well? Do _any_ of you know of a 1024-bit encryption standard for the world
wide web currently in use? According to these people, they're using it.


Should I have been less coy about the corporation name?

Phil Fraering          The above is the opinion of neither my internet
[email protected]        service provider nor my employer.