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We are trying to plan the time for the EXTRO-3 - the Third in the
infinite series of Extropian conferences.
The tentative dates for EXTRO-3 are now weekends of August 2-3
and August 9-10 of 1997, with a backup plan of July 26-27 weekend.
We would like to select the date so that it would not interfere
with other conferences, and be convenient for everybody.
If you know of any other events of extropian/transhumanist/libertarian/
life-extension/cypherpunk interest planned for one of those weekends,
or if you would like to attend and have have personal preferences for
one of these days, please send me _private_ mail at [email protected]

(You can find general info on Extropianism at
 http://www.primenet.com/~maxmore/extropy.htm )

On behalf of the of Extropian Action Team,

Alexander Chislenko <[email protected]>  www.lucifer.com/~sasha/home.html
Firefly Network, Inc.: <[email protected]>  www.ffly.com