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How to break Netscape's server key encryption - Followup

There has been a successful hostile attack on a Netscape server key using the
code I posted yesterday.  I was contacted earlier today by someone who told me
he had in the past obtained Netscape server keys and PGP private keys from
Windows NT machines running Microsofts insecure FTP server which allows access
to the entire drive (he found some of the PGP keys using archie searches -
ouch!).  He lives somewhere with nasty anti-hacking laws and definitely doesn't
want his identity known, but after some pleading said I could reveal the
  - He used the cracklib dictionary to get the password
  - The password was found "very quickly"
  - The password was a female name
  - He deleted the server key after he'd found the password
  - He did it merely out of idle curiosity and has no intention of misusing the
  - He definitely doesn't want to be contacted