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Re: ssh - How widely used?

Black Unicorn <[email protected]> writes:
> Does anyone know if there are MS-Dos or Mac versions of the ssh client?

There is no MS-DOS client.  The authors claim that, "a Macintosh version
is in the works, and first versions are expected to be available in
August/September 1996."  There are Windoze and OS/2 clients.
> How much is ssh used?

>From the FAQ:

     6.2 How widespread is use of ssh?

     As with every piece of freely available software, this is difficult
     to find out. The best current estimates are that at least 1000
     insitutions in 40 countries use it. This estimate is based on The
     number of people on the ssh mailing list, around 600, from 40
     different countries and several hundred domains.  Each week, the
     ssh home pages are accessed from roughly 5000 different machines,
     many of them web caches; also, these machines often are different
     from week to week. 

> I've not seen much discussion of it but poking around an ISP yielded this:
>        Ssh  (Secure  Shell)  a  program for logging into a remote
>        machine and for executing commands in  a  remote  machine.
>        It  is  intended  to  replace  rlogin and rsh, and provide
>        secure  encrypted  communications  between  two  untrusted
>        hosts over an insecure network.  X11 connections and arbi-
>        trary TCP/IP ports can also be forwarded over  the  secure
>        channel.

[ Snip ]

> Looks like a nice little implementation.
> Comments anyone?

For further information about it, see:


There is also a mailing list.  Subscription requests should be directed
to [email protected] with "subscribe ssh" in the message body.

I think that it's technically a great program.  However, I have heard
some pretty unpleasant stories about legal issues using it in a
commercial environment.

Dana W. Albrecht
[email protected]