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Re: Lexis and Privacy - Bill approaches.

On Wed, 25 Sep 1996, Declan McCullagh wrote:

> Dear PhneCards,
> Please stop using my email address as part of an inappropriate email
> bomb. If this continues, I will be forced to persecute your return
> email address.
> Now we don't want that to happen, do we?
> -Declan
> On Wed, 25 Sep 1996 [email protected] wrote:
> > 
> > Did you know this company is using your email address as part of
> > an unlawful email bomb?
> > 
> > I would advise you to write to them at [email protected]
> > and [email protected] and advise them to stop
> > using your email address for this type of activity.
> > 
> > It is illegal to use a invalid return email address.  If this continues, I
> > will
> > be forced to prosecute the return email address - which they are
> > making to look like you.

I got a similar message from those idiots and replied off list (part of 
my email bomb, I guess).  There email is terrific -- save it for 
evidence.  They *admit* that they know you aren't doing what they are 
complaining about, but threaten to sue you anyway.

I hope there lawyers have read Civil Rule 11 ... on second thought, I 
hope they haven't!$$$$$!