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Re: Lexis and Privacy - Bill approaches.

Stop sending me messages like this. This is getting annoying.


At 10:13 PM 9/25/96, [email protected] wrote:
>Did you know this company is using your email address as part of
>an unlawful email bomb?
>I would advise you to write to them at [email protected]
>and [email protected] and advise them to stop
>using your email address for this type of activity.
>It is illegal to use a invalid return email address.  If this continues, I
>be forced to prosecute the return email address - which they are
>making to look like you.
>Below is the letter that I received in my email box
>In a message dated 96-09-25 15:12:13 EDT, you write:
>>Subj:  Re: Lexis and Privacy - Bill approaches.
>>Date:  96-09-25 15:12:13 EDT
>>From:  [email protected] (Declan McCullagh)
>>Sender:        [email protected]
>>To:    [email protected] (Black Unicorn)
>>CC:    [email protected]
>>This would be good if the bills were written well and thoughtfully.
>>Unfortunately, they explicitly extend executive branch regulatory
>>jurisdiction to the Net. At least the one I read did; I understand there
>>are multiple versions.
>>On Tue, 24 Sep 1996, Black Unicorn wrote:
>>> Pressure from the FTC Which fielded hundreds of complaints about Lexis and
>>> the social security number scrap) has prompted members of the Banking
>>> Committee to add provisions to the most recent spending bills which
>>> protect personal information (including social security numbers, phone
>>> numbers, addresses, and so forth) under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
>>> This limits access to this information to credit agencies and otherwise
>>> authorized entities.  (Of which I assume Lexis is not one).
>>> It's not great protection, but it's something.
>>> I urge everyone to take their own measures to protect personal data
>>> regardless of what some piece of paper on a library shelf says is
>>> protected.  The only real protection is not to allow release of the data
>>> in the first place.
>>> --
>>> I hate lightning - finger for public key - Vote Monarchist
>>> [email protected]
>>// [email protected] // I do not represent the EFF // [email protected] //
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