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ssh - How widely used?

Does anyone know if there are MS-Dos or Mac versions of the ssh client?
How much is ssh used?

I've not seen much discussion of it but poking around an ISP yielded this:

       Ssh  (Secure  Shell)  a  program for logging into a remote
       machine and for executing commands in  a  remote  machine.
       It  is  intended  to  replace  rlogin and rsh, and provide
       secure  encrypted  communications  between  two  untrusted
       hosts over an insecure network.  X11 connections and arbi-
       trary TCP/IP ports can also be forwarded over  the  secure


Usage: ssh [options] host [command]
  -l user     Log in using this user name.
  -n          Redirect input from /dev/null.
  -a          Disable authentication agent forwarding.
  -x          Disable X11 connection forwarding.
  -i file     Identity for RSA authentication (default: ~/.ssh/identity).
  -t          Tty; allocate a tty even if command is given.
  -v          Verbose; display verbose debugging messages.
  -q          Quiet; don't display any warning messages.
  -f          Fork into background after authentication.
  -e char     Set escape character; ``none'' = disable (default: ~).
  -c cipher   Select encryption algorithm: ``idea'' (default, secure),
              ``des'', ``3des'', ``tss'', ``arcfour'' (fast, suitable for
              transfers), ``none'' (no encryption - for debugging only).
  -p port     Connect to this port.  Server must be on the same port.
  -L listen-port:host:port   Forward local port to remote address
  -R listen-port:host:port   Forward remote port to local address
              These cause ssh to listen for connections on a port, and
              forward them to the other side by connecting to host:port.
  -C          Enable compression.
  -o 'option' Process the option as if it was read from a configuration

Looks like a nice little implementation.

Comments anyone?

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