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Re: ssh - How widely used?

> Does anyone know if there are MS-Dos or Mac versions of the ssh client?
> How much is ssh used?

Ssh is good stuff -- we use it here.  Things I like:

	- It's an easy, drop-in replacement for the r* commands.  It's
	  easy to get people to use it.

	- It creates that much more encrypted traffic on the net.  That 
	  can only be a good thing, eh?

	- There are a few different authentication modes, which makes life
	  easy.  Host keys can be used for fixed machines; per-user keys
	  can sit on the laptop and work no matter whose network you've
	  plugged into today.

When my local ISP found a password sniffer running on his machine and went
into red alert, I just smiled and didn't bother to change my passwords on
hosts I had logged into via the ISP's net.

Good stuff.


Jonathan Corbet
National Center for Atmospheric Research, Atmospheric Technology Division
[email protected]	     http://www.atd.ucar.edu/rdp/jmc.html