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Re: Hallam-Baker demands more repudiations or he'll write!

On 27 Sep 96 at 0:21, Simon Spero wrote:

> On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Declan McCullagh wrote:
> > Anonymity and nonescrowed crypto are the linchpins of AP and its
> > more general case, Maysian crypto anarchy. The withering of the
> > nation-state. 
> If I might dare a crypto-related comment as well; it also requires
> an absolutely trusted third-party to manage the funds and issue the
> ecash used to pay the murderer, (sorry, fortunate gambler).  The
> reason why the third party must be trusted by both the payers and
> the gambler, and thus cannot be anonymous (only at 'best'
> pseduonymous) should be obvious.

For the payer, the ammount involved is so small that he might thing
it is worth a shot to put the price of two bottles of beer "just in
case" it works.  As the system gets known, it'll gain reputation.

For the hitman, this is another story, but there is a way.  AP, a
sensationalistically choosen name (No, Jim, I know... you intended
it only as a joke) very badly describes what the server does.

It could accept donations for all sorts of things, many of them
being legally unconsequential.  So, a potential hitman group could
make donations for anybody who would predict any kind of event and
see if they would pay.  The server could not even know if these
would be integrity tests or legitimate donations. 

IMO, there is only one way to prevent AP: it is by preventing the 
advent of e-cash.  Making it illegal to issue such currency, and 
seize and prosecute heavily if any of it is found.  This would 
includes, of course, gold (or other material value) e-tokens, etc.  
It will come from a total control of money.  Can it be done?  I doubt 
it very stronly.

Did you give away a copy of PGP to a friend today?

Please Cc me any reply, I am not on Cypherpunks anymore.  Thanks.