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Re: Is "Black Unicorn" a lawyer, or just a nym used by a lawyer?

In <[email protected]>, on 09/26/96 
   at 05:17 PM, Bill Stewart <[email protected]> said:

= .Tim May said, in a discussion on another topic
= .        While BU is a lawyer, and I am not, I maintain
= .        [........]
= .Is it correct to say that "Black Unicorn is a lawyer", or only that
= .the nym "Black Unicorn" is used by a person who's a lawyer under
= .another name?  "Black Unicorn" at least doesn't appear to be a
= ._practicing lawyer_, though maybe [name used for legal work by
= .person who also uses nym "Black Unicorn"] is a practicing lawyer.

= .Tim's signature file no longer asserts that he's a Licensed
= .Ontologist, but this seems to be the kind of question you'd ask a
= .L.O. if you knew one.  

        we've gone around more than once on this topic in the past few
    years.  tim either knows exactly who NU is, or has it narrowed to
    a very short list.  Someone else actually met BU maybe a year ago.
    there are other indications.

        BU claims association with a given location of which I am 
    _very_  familiar. the crest belongs to a specific lineage, of
    which I have a direct connection to about 300 years ago. 

        BU has a past "life," I have a past "life," and the two are
    related --but you will not "hear" the "truth," calling it 
    "fiction," anyway.

        BU is a lawyer.  and he has done a _great_ deal more with his
    degree than I, who refused to practice in the U.S. Is BU currently
    a practicing lawyer? does it matter?

        BU is extremely well researched, and current. I suspect BU
    deals primarily with accounting, funding, and assets management,
    the details of which are irrelevant.  If I needed a solid opinion,

    backed by existing law cites, and conflicting decisions, I would 
    trust BU --and, I am plenty fiesty,   need I say more?
        I do not have a "need to know" BU's "real name" any more
    than BU or anyone else needs to know mine.  I think we could
    find each others with a few phone calls were it to be necessary,
    or one party asked.... 

        Reality is what you make of it...   and, if curiosity says the
    cat wishes to give up one life, ask tcm; I think he knows both 

        'nuff said?