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Re: Public Schools

The human formerly known as "ronsimpson <[email protected]>" wrote:
{I hate to burst any bubbles but, the school with the highest number of
{National Merit Finalists and highest number of 1600 SATs is a Public
{High School (Jefferson High in Fairfax, VA)

Er, how about the schools with the highest percentages, not the largest
number?  A public school will most certainly have more students than
home schools or private schools.

Every home schooled child I know has a significantly better grasp on
the world than any public or private schooled child.  Perhaps only
because their parents take a great interest in their education, but
the results stand out regardless.  

Cypherpunk relevance?  Sure - what does the gubmint allow you to do?
What information are you allowed to learn, and from what authorized
sources?  How are those sources authorized?  Who stamps the seal of
information approval upon those documents, and how do we know that
the information isn't simply a 'corrected' view of history (or physics,
or english language...)?  We don't, unless there are multiple channels
of information to compare against, from 'signed' by experts, to 
pseudonymous authors, to completely anonymous authors.  The only way
to be certain that your children learn about the way things _really_ 
are, is to allow for these sources.

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