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Re: Public Schools

> On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, ronsimpson wrote:
> > I hate to burst any bubbles but, the school with the highest number of
> > National Merit Finalists and highest number of 1600 SATs is a Public
> > High School (Jefferson High in Fairfax, VA)
> >
> Yeah, Fairfax has good schools. But you're misrepresenting the truth:
> what school has the highest *percentage* of 1600 SATers, etc.
> I suspect Jefferson High is larger than most private schools.

It's kind of funny to me to see Jefferson being discussed like this,
speaking as a student of it. :)

Actually, it's not all that big a school, thanks to the magic of
controlled admissions, with 1600 students for 4 grades.  This may be a
larger number than many private schools, but it is half the size of
many of the other public schools.  Jefferson probably has one of the
highest percentages in the country, if only because you have to pass a
rigorous standardized test just to get accepted to it.

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