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Re: Public Schools

     There is a solution. Trade Schools,

        This is the single most important fact in the U.S. inability
    maintain the manufacturing  prowess we enjoyed until some poorly
    defined point in time after WWII!

        1.  several waves of immigration, most notably Germany after
            WWI, brought thousands of skilled machinists, &c. many
            of whom went the trade school route by screening or by
            socio-economic factors.

        2.  the U.S. prior to 1920 had an excellent trade school and
            apprentice program.

        WWII was the breaking point. the younger generation who
    survived the war wanted more for their children --hence the
    college emphasis for _everyone_!

        The problem was simple:  we have only the now retiring
    toolmakers who make it all possible.  engineering graduates will
    not observe the manufacturing floors since it is above their
    dignity to roll of their sleeves.

        if engineers were required to serve internships in the shops,
    as doctors are required to intern in a hospital (and the really
    good ones, the top of the class, choose what I call meat-wagon
    wards (large city ER and trauma units), the U.S. would be a far
    healthier and competitive environment.

        I know, why the meat wagon wards with their pressure and
    unreasonable hours?    experience, anything and everything
    comes through those doors every night, and it goes off the scale
    on the weekends...

        is there any reason to send an illiterate to college other
    to socialize?  is there any reason why the school system
    can only see a college degree other than for those who they
    prejudged to be just another generation of welfare mothers
    and deadbeat dads?

        why do many with 4 year college degrees only work as entry
    level secretaries, Burger King night "managers."  &c? then what
    do the rest of them do?  join the cradle to the grave dole gener-

and Parental Envolvement.
It could  very well be (and if I had the money I'd make the bet)
that _many_ of the  "troubled" youth of today are simply

        more the problem that the parents become interested too late,
    after the child has seen 2,000 murders on TV before the age of 6;
    walked the streets of parentless daytime; started cocaine at 16,
    maybe even 10; running for a gang....

        then they wail at the funeral: "...it's not fair, johnny was
    such a good boy...  society never gave him a chance...."   what
    they mean is they collect a $100/mo or so less from welfare!

        I have raised(ing) 5 children  --no TV in the house, and G
    rated movies occasionally.  what did/do the children find to
    do?  read, read, and read.  I don't have a problem trying to pry
    children away from a TV --but I often hear: "...puh-leez, daddy,
    just let me finish this chapter."   No such luck....

(Fortunately, most of  them couldn't afford to bet
against their parents in an AP world).

        real true...

It would also seem to
follow that if parents were spending their own money (or
perceived it as their own money) that they would take a greater
interest in their childrens education.

        ...if they were smart enough to start about age 3.  the
    problem is further excaberated by the fact the average family
    expects the state to provide the "enthusiasum"  --is there any
    reason then, to expect other than Hillary's "It's a global
    with her brand of liberal brainwashing of the next generation
    (all new revisionist history, etc.).   Welcome to "Logan's Run!"

        fortunately, I have no problem with the public schools. I'm
    not the only one in the neighborhood without a TV, and the
    community has trade schools mixed with the high schools,
    and a two year college to supplement the advanced placement
    programs.  very few families have two parents working.  the kids
    can play outside after dark, and our young women can walk by
    themselves after dark.  (I do admit that one good scream would
    have an extremely well-armed about to be posse out the door in
    15 seconds...  --I doubt there would be prisoners!)

        a very unusual situation  --but I live in rural southern utah
    where the regional middle school of 1200 can support 4 bands, the
    top 2 being very impressive, and provide full AP classes, and ACT
    scores averaging 24-26+ v. the national average of 20 for inbound
    freshman. and, where an average ward (100-150 families) will have
    at least a dozen Eagle scouts.

        proves your point, I guess...