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Re: Public Schools

A person going by the name Attila said:

> = .     There is a solution. Trade Schools, 
>         The problem was simple:  we have only the now retiring
>     toolmakers who make it all possible.  engineering graduates will
>     not observe the manufacturing floors since it is above their 
>     dignity to roll of their sleeves.

     I knew too many engineering students to believe this. I knew one
(Civil Engineering) who had been a Paramedic, he wanted grease and
dirt on his hands, it may be harder to wash off, but much easier to
sleep off. 

>         if engineers were required to serve internships in the shops,
>     as doctors are required to intern in a hospital (and the really 
>     good ones, the top of the class, choose what I call meat-wagon 
>     wards (large city ER and trauma units), the U.S. would be a far 
>     healthier and competitive environment.

     No argument there.

>         I know, why the meat wagon wards with their pressure and
>     unreasonable hours?    experience, anything and everything
>     comes through those doors every night, and it goes off the scale
>     on the weekends...

     Hell, that desciribes the ER I used to work in, and it was in a 
college town. (Yes, I do have a sorted job history. Everything from 
a strip joint dj. to working as a designer for a Big 7 Accounting firm).

> = .It would also seem to
> = .follow that if parents were spending their own money (or 
> = .perceived it as their own money) that they would take a greater
> = .interest in their childrens education.
> = . 
>         ...if they were smart enough to start about age 3.  the

     Better late than never. 

>     themselves after dark.  (I do admit that one good scream would
>     have an extremely well-armed about to be posse out the door in
>     15 seconds...  --I doubt there would be prisoners!)

     In my neighborhood, screams are so common (mostly from kids playing, 
and yes, I do check as often as I can) that most people don't bother to
check. Very different worlds. My wife and I are probably the only ones
who _don't_ watch TV. We have 2, plus 5 computers, and 5 or 6 book shelves.
The TV's were free, so were 2 of the computers.

>         a very unusual situation  --but I live in rural southern utah
>     where the regional middle school of 1200 can support 4 bands, the
>     freshman. and, where an average ward (100-150 families) will have
>     at least a dozen Eagle scouts.
>         proves your point, I guess...

     Prove? I don't know, but it is some pretty solid evidense. Communism
at it's finest. A community of people who work together and take care of 
each other voluntarily for the common good. <hee hee> 

Petro, Christopher C.
[email protected] <prefered for any non-list stuff>
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