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Re: Making Remailers Widespread

KOTM said:
> Bill Stewart <[email protected]> writes:
> > Doing two-way remailers would be better, but that's still a hard problem,
> > and I don't want to widely deploy shoddy two-way-remailers.

     While IANAC, maybe a suggestion here (and there might be holes in 
this) when the email is sent to the remailer, it gets a key pair generated,
and one of the keys is inserted into the header of the forwarded email
like this:

*****This is an anonymous message forwared from the spread remailer*****
*****To reply to this message, send email with the following 4 lines**** 
*****as the first part of the message to:                          *****

=>replykey:<key goes here.

     The reply address is encrypted with the other part of the key. It 
isn't real secure, but the server admin can't get the return addresses
without the key. 
     Off the top of my head, the biggest problem is that you can't send 
email to a web site (page).

     The other problem is that it would greatly add to the complexity
of the .pl program, and make it take much more overhead. What about
making the one way a .pl script, and the two way a module?       

Petro, Christopher C.
[email protected] <prefered for any non-list stuff>
[email protected]