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[CRYPTO], or hash, anyway

I need a copy of the appendix to the SHA FIPS pub (180-1?) that has the 
three test texts and corresponding SHA hashes, so that I can test an SHA 
implementation I'm working with.  I have tried the NIST site, and can't 
seem to get through.  If anybody has this test deal, or knows where it is 
out there on the net somewhere, please let me know.  Thanks in advance.

(My problem is I keep getting different hashes between an MS-DOS version
I'm running and one running on a Linux box, when I ftp the same files back
and forth. @#$%.  I thought maybe I was having problems with some kind of
Line-feed vs. Carriage Return/Line-feed conversion deal, but it also
generates different hashes on binary files.  So I thought I would test the
Linux and the DOS one against the specs in the FIPS, and see which one is
hosed up.)
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