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Re: [CRYPTO] (was: sig/noise ratio)

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Patricia Gibbons wrote:

> > In the interest of those who wish a significant increase in the
> > signal/noise ratio I make a proposal. Significant crypto related
> > posts could be prefaced with [CRYPTO] on the subject line on a
> > strictly volunteer basis, that way those desiring a more topical
> > list could have one simply by setting the appropriate filter.
> > 
> > Items crypto related but missing the [CRYPTO] header could be
> > reposted by well meaning souls.
> > 
> > Other appropriate headers could of course be used.
> > 
> > Brian
Sounds like a good idea, but what do you define as "significant crypto"?  
Also, what's to stop the anonymous idiot and several other well-known 
list.idiots from doing the same?  

Zach Babayco 

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If you need to know how to set up a mail filter or defend against 
emailbombs, send me a message with the words "get helpfile" (without the 
" marks) in the SUBJECT: header.  I have several useful FAQ's and documents