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Re: Public Schools [NOISE]

>= .>        a very unusual situation  --but I live in rural southern
>= .> utah where the regional middle school of 1200 can support 4
>= .> bands, the top 2 being very impressive, and provide full AP
>= .> classes, and ACT
>= .Wow! Utah is teaching AP?  Is Jim Bell being brought in as a
>= .Special Lecturer?
>        come on, Tim... you are not that old.  AP has three meanings
>    (at least):
>        1.  Associated Press (news gathering)
>        2.  Advanced Placement (as in college credit for HS classes)
>        3.  not widely known:  Jim Bell's Assassination Political

Hey, if a high school can teach kids to read the Associated Press
critically and think about what it's saying and means, they're doing
a really fine job!  For that matter, if they can teach kids to just
read the news at all, they're accomplishing something.

I was surprised by the idea of teaching Advanced Placement classes
in a middle school - in the reasonably high-quality public school I went to,
most of the AP classes were taken by 12th graders and a few by 11th-graders,
though this was partly because that's when we started getting slack in our
schedules after taking the regular courses.

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