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Igor Chudov's cypherpunks felony admission turned over to the appropriate authorities

Yo C'punks, check this out:

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>Subject: Chudov's published felony admission turned over to Commerce
>Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 03:16:06 GMT
>Organization: GTE Intelligent Network Services, GTE INS
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>Igor Chudov's published admission of his willful and purposeful violation
>of ITAR laws (a criminal felony offense according the United States Code)
>has been turned over to the appropriate investigators at the Department of
>Commerce in Washington, D.C., who expressed interest in this incident,
>particularly because of the additional contributing factor of Chudov's visa
>status being under active investigation by the Department of Justice,
>Immigration and Naturalization Service.  Chudov's very bad example serves
>notice on the many netscum reading this article that "crime does not pay."

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