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Bill Stewart <[email protected]> writes:
> >I think figuring out a way to turn off A/S and getting accurate GPS on
> >commercial equipment at all times would make a nifty Cypherpunks project
> >- if it really involves breaking some encryption.
> Essentially the A/S works by having the publicly-readable signal
> contain fuzz fuzz in the low-order bits and the encrypted signal contain
> the real stuff; if they've done decent encryption, you won't crack it.

Do we know for sure that they've got decent encryption?

Aircraft aren't the only market for GPS.

There's a fad to put GPS in cars - it's already very common in Japan, and
Americans are catching up. They're used in conjunction with computerized
road maps. Here improving the accuracy of one's position on the map might
make for a very successful commercial product.


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