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Re: Technical difficulties with AP [AP NOISE]

Bill Stewart <[email protected]> writes:
> 2) Assassin leaves physical evidence at the scene which the news media
>         would be likely to report, which payee confirms with escrow
>         agent, presumably committing in advance (e.g. after the event,
>         the payee sends a key which allows the escrow agent to decode
>         the encrypted message that said "I'm leaving a note on the body
>         saying 'Jacques De Molay is Avenged - Assassin's Guild Member #32767'
>         Works fine for the first couple of assassinations, but after a while
>         the police will catch on and stop revealing kinky details to the medi

I don't think it matters who the actual assassin is. Re-read Jim's essay.

Let's suppose Tim May, the notorious deranged psychipath, wants my pal Ether
Dyson dead. Tim May places a bet with a bookie that Ether Dyson lives for
another year, affecting the odds. A horde of potential assassins see that the
odds have changed, and place bets of their own that she won't live for another
year. Then they all try to nail her. If one of them succeeds, then everyone who
bet against Tim May has won, and it doesn't matter which one nailed her.

After the hit, the pigs would likely want to look at the list of people who
bet one way or the other, which is why the communications with the bookie
should be anonymous.


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