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Chinese Censorship

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>   SHANGHAI (Sep 25, 1996 08:48 a.m. EDT) - China has removed limits on
>   the country's number of Internet accounts following the recent
>   installation of safety controls on the computer network, a senior
>   Shanghai telecommunications official said on Wednesday.

	Safety controls... nice euphemism, similar to "key recovery".
>   "Some time ago, our security arrangements were incomplete and there
>   was a problem with pornographic and politically unacceptable
>   material," said Zhang Weihua, vice-president of the Shanghai Post and
>   Telecommunications Administration.


>   Zhang said access to sites on the Internet containing pornographic or
>   politically unacceptable material had been restricted, adding, "This
>   material is restricted all over the world."
>   He declined to give details of the security controls placed on the
>   servers, saying he was only responsible for the technical side of the
>   service.
>   But Zhang did say he was unaware of any restrictions on access to
>   major international news sites through China's Internet servers.
>   Foreign reports have suggested that China has cut off access to such
>   news sites. Analysts say that China is concerned over development of
>   public computer networks and their use by people opposed to communist
>   rule or communist policies.

>   Zhang said for "security" reasons there was a need to control
>   information and discussion on the Internet and related bulletin board
>   services.
>   "But surveys done on the usage and interests of people in China with
>   Internet access indicate that virtually all the material they wanted
>   to look at is domestic," he said.

	Due to language differences, I would guess.
>   China's key Internet Service Provider (ISP) selling access accounts is
>   Chinanet, controlled by the Post and Telecommunications Bureau.
>   Zhang said the bureau took measures earlier this year to control
>   unauthorised activities of other access providers, including
>   Shanghai's Fudan University, in order to handle the security issue.
>   China currently has access points to the Internet in Beijing and
>   Shanghai. It has no plans to add more, Zhang said.
>   He said his department was being assisted in building its computer
>   network by several American-Chinese originally from mainland China who
>   spent time working with the U.S. space agency NASA.

	I see.... (grimace)
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