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Re: Internet 'terrorism' newsclips [CYPHER, but news]

[article in Parade]

Love that in-depth technical reporting. 

>And from another piece of hard-hitting quote-the-official-source
>in PARADE, "A New Worry: Terrorism in Cyberspace"


>>There were more than 250,000 attacks on Department of Defense computers
>>year, and 65% were successful. Little is known about who launched them,
>why, or 
>>what they found. In a recent test, Defense Department "red teams" admit
>>intentionally hacking into 18,200 systems, with only 5% of the attacks 
>>detected; only 27% of those attacks were reported.
>Wonder if the timing of these stories has anything to do with the end of
>term legislative push on wiretapping.

They're recycling an old USA Today piece. 

Turns out that figure was extrapolated by an internal investigation team 
trying to break into unclassified/non-secure systems. They just took the 
success rate for thier attacks and multiplied it by an arbitrary number 
to come up with an "annual" rate, according to the USA Today article.