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Re: The Nature of the Cypherpunks List

In message <[email protected]> you write: 
> Timothy C. May writes:
> > While some folks would rather we talked only about "crypto," just how many
> > times can basic questions about Diffie-Hellman, or RSA, or elliptic curves
> > be discussed?
> Sure, there is a limit to what can be said about cryptography and the
> direct politics of cryptography. *THAT IS THE POINT*. That is why I'm
> starting a new list -- so that I can abandon this waste heap to those
> that like frolicking in the mire.

here here.  400 messages in less than a week, with no digest, no moderated
equivalent and no explanation for the "-ratings" list?
who has time for that?  i'm interested in crypto but
i have a hard time believing any serious researcher could sift through all
the messages and still have time left to eat & breathe, much less code!

goodbye (again!) cypherpunks list!  i had hoped things had changed in
the last 2+ years but i guess not.  as far as i'm concerned if it
generates > 10 emails a day i'd have to justify reading it to my
employers, or cut back on my coding at home, neither of which is
likely to happen :)

i am interested in any alternatives, cypherpunks readers...
other mailing lists that are serious about crypto, security, etc.
wasn't there talk at one time of a list for coders?  can anyone
remind me of what happened to it or where it exists now?