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Re: The Nature of the Cypherpunks List

At 03:11 PM 9/30/96 -0500, Travis Hassloch x231 <[email protected]> wrote:
>here here.  400 messages in less than a week, with no digest, no moderated
>equivalent and no explanation for the "-ratings" list?
>who has time for that?  i'm interested in crypto but
>i have a hard time believing any serious researcher could sift through all
>the messages and still have time left to eat & breathe, much less code!
>i am interested in any alternatives, cypherpunks readers...
>other mailing lists that are serious about crypto, security, etc.
>wasn't there talk at one time of a list for coders? 

[email protected] has one or two postings a month,
mainly Bay Area cypherpunks meetings.  cypherpunks-announce-request for info.

You can read cypherpunks with a newsreader at nntp.hks.net ;
use all your favorite newsreading tools to filter and organize it.

You can get 5-10% of the volume from filtered lists from Ray Arachelian 
or Eric Blossom.  (Ray's FCPUNX list is at either [email protected] or
[email protected] if he's moved it.  Send mail with Subject: help fcpunx 
There's a digested form of the list.  It's free.
Eric's at [email protected] ; cypherpunks-light costs @20/year.)

[email protected] is a lower-volume code-related-discussion-only list.
Send mail to [email protected] for help.

#			Thanks;  Bill
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# You can get PGP software outside the US at ftp.ox.ac.uk/pub/crypto