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Re: Bernstein hearing reminder: [..]

Part 1 The Batman part
On Sep 19,  9:24am, Batman wrote:
> Subject: RE: Bernstein hearing reminder: THIS Friday 11:45AM, SF
Federal B
>For the 200th time, unsubscrive me of your fucked mail lists.
>-- End of excerpt from Batman

Part 2

James wrote:
>Apologies if you receive more than one copy of this message, but >I'm auto-replying to your message to handle the flood:

I had only one copy, James, but it was good.

>Redistribution to the list from which you originally received >the problem message is kindly requested.

Which list was that, James? 

>Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. The email >or posting you have seen falsely represents Smith Barney and its
>employees. These are erroneous postings that did not originate >from anyone employed by our firm, and therefore we cannot >directly stop them from occurring. However we have advised the >companies we believe to have serviced the originator of these >messages and we are pursuing all possible steps to end this >fraud. Unfortunately some people abuse the Internet and we >regret any inconvenience they may have caused you.

Thats good, James. As the FBI man said: I smelled a rat and I
nipped it in the bud.

>There are currently no mailing lists maintained in the smb.com
>domain, so you were not subscribed to any list. If you receive >any further messages of this nature, they are the product of the >same spurious source.

Thats the word. Spuvious.

>We're sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a
>result of this unfortunate abuse of the 'Net.

No inconvenience, James. No inconvenience, at all.

>Further queries via email to [email protected] please.

Direct your replies to:
[email protected]
This list is a must for all people in the Arctic, the plains of Mongolia and the North West territories, who want to be kept "ajour" of the dressinghabits of the natives in California.