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Re: cypherpunk listserve usefulness

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Eric Murray wrote:

> No, filtering your mail does NOT make you a censor, unless you're
> filtering the mail before it is gatewayed to a list or newsgroup
> where other people read it.  And they didn't ask you to do the filtering.

Yep, matter of fact that's what the light versions of cpunx are for.  's 
matter of fact I happen to run one of them and my subscribers are happier 
without all the noise and flames here.  :)  as for me, I don't mind the 
noise or the flames, I tend to hit the "D" key quite often. :)
( to subscribe to it, send a message to my address with the >SUBJECT< 
"fcpunx subscribe" or "fcpunx help" for help.)

> Filtering your own mail is akin to choosing which articles
> in a magazine to read.  It's not censorship if you don't
> read an article; it's the article's author's fault that
> he didn't make the article interesting enough for you to read.


> I think that anyone who has to work for a living must filter
> the cypherpunks list in order to cut out some of the crap.
> Most people just don't have the time to wade through everything, and
> filtering some of it out is a good start on upping the S/N ratio.
> What you consider Signal and Noise however is entirely up to you.

Especially since Cypherpunks isn't the only list I subscribe to.  I go 
through about 200-300 messages a day, and 80% of them get delted without 
a single look.  I tend to read the 1st few messages of a topic, and if 
it's noise, it gets axed. :)

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